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Who We Are?

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Shinobu 3D is a studio with expertise in creation of premium quality low poly 3D models and assets which are ready to be used in AR and VR applications. 


We are also proficient in creation of interactive 3D web experiences and WebGL applications in Three.js, Babylon.js and Verge 3D which is highly useful in providing an immersive and high quality experience to your clients. 

We provide following services:


Premium quality low poly 3d models in GLTF and GLB formats

Creation of 3d models and assets for AR/VR apps and e-commerce

Creation of WebGL and product configuration in Three.js and Babylon.js.

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Our Mission

Shinobu 3D's mission is to develop, create and market cutting-edge 3D solutions that increase profitability for our clients.

Core Values


Shinobu 3D's team likes to tread where nobody dares to go. We are determined to push the boundaries of 3D world, thereby adding to the realm.


We believe that our success is connected to the success of our clients. Our processes make sure of keeping you in the loop, always!


Shinobu 3D's team is always on the lookout of something new. We firmly believe that nothing is impossible by challenging the boundaries of technology.

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