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This is a 3D model which is optimized to load faster and work seamlessley in AR and VR apps/scenes. Textures are at K resolution and the mesh is under 50k triangles, which makes the model look hyper photorealistic and light weight.

Wooden Chair

This is an optimized 3D model of a wooden dining chair. The wooden textures are created procedurally in Blender, which aids to its overall light weight and photorealism. This 3D model is ready to be used in any AR and VR app.


This is 3D model of a powerlifting shoe, which is optimized for faster load times. This is a 3D model which is less then 10 MB in size and still looks hyper-photorealistic.

Surgical tower

This 3D model shows how our master 3D artists can create optimized, low poly, lightweight and photorealistic 3D models for AR from CAD data. This 3D model is less than 10 MB in size for faster loading times.

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